Creating sustainable green energy production, storage and sharing business.

We are providing platform, tools and services for you to win the race for Net-zero economy through ESG guided investment projects and circular economy model.

We’re building relationships and creating big, sustainable energy projects, helping us to maintain a livable climate. Our solar and wind electricity production and storage projects, energy management and trading solutions and nuclear power plant expertise, as well as development of new technologies are an excellent opportunity for technology and engineering producers and providers as well as researchers. Sustainable energy projects are one of the fastest growing business areas today. Lowering carbon footprint (as pledged in Paris and Glasgow Climate Pact) of our society is a must, and current and future policies in some parts of the world are setting up a stage for even faster growth of green technologies and transitioning to a Net-Zero world. 

We have identified our own part of this market and we’re entering it with big steps, helping society cut greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible. However, we’re not planning to just create of patchwork of different suppliers, service providers and partners from project to project, searching for fastest way and lowest price. 

We’re using and building an ecosystem of technical partners, strategic service partners and stable, long-term investors to make our projects an integrated, sustainable, ESG oriented business ecosystem that will produce and manage truly green energy, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere, by oceans and forests for instance.

 This is a transformation of how we produce, consume, and move about and cutting biggest polluters in energy sector is the way to avert the worst effects of climate change. We’re replacing polluting coal, gas and oil-fired power with energy from renewable sources.

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Solar & Wind

Green hydrogen

Nuclear energy

Energy services

Energy services aggregation and grid regulation are essential components of the evolving energy landscape, aiming to ensure efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy systems.

Energy Services Aggregation

Energy services aggregation involves the combination of multiple distributed energy resources (DERs) into a single, coordinated entity. These DERs can include renewable energy sources like solar and wind, energy storage systems, demand response programs, electric vehicles, and other flexible loads. By aggregating these resources, energy service providers can create a more reliable and efficient energy supply.

Grid Regulation

Grid regulation refers to the management and control of electricity supply and demand to ensure the stability and reliability of the power grid. Grid operators, such as transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs), are responsible for maintaining grid frequency, voltage levels, and overall system stability.

By joining our aggregator scheme, you will be able to invest into new, fast growing and future-proof business that will become the backbone of stable, smart grids.

Circular Economy

Circular economy principles are crucial for achieving cheaper energy production and transportation faster, as the consumers can and will also be biggest producers.

Local electricity production and consumption is resulting in less grid demands. Focusing on local sustainability will bring greener mobility for transporting people and food production. And I know we will not miss the train in mobility: we are programming to drive your scooter, car, bus, or spaceship. And because we do it correctly, the influence of energy production on land and water provides many new possibilities for completely new or improved traditional ways of sustainable, environmentally positive, food production and water management.

Collection and

Sorting and

Glass / turbine
blades recycling
or reuse​

Material Recovery​


Hazardous Waste


We are building new possibilities for completely new or improved traditional ways of sustainable, environmentally positive, food production and water management worldwide. Help us become even better!