Energy services

Aggregation and grid regulation

Aggregation entails grouping the energy consumption or generation of several customer of the aggregator. By grouping and controlling distributed energy resources aggregators are more and more vital in time of greater and greater share of renewable, but unstable energy sources to balance the grid and provide low-cost energy. An aggregator can set up an agreement with several consumers (private persons or business consumers), based on which he can temporarily reduce their electricity consumption when there is high demand for electricity. He then sells this flexibility i.e. the ‘avoided’ electricity consumption in electricity markets. An aggregator can also increase the consumption of an electricity by its customers when electricity prices are favorable.

Become a part of the business

By joining our aggregator scheme, you will be able to invest into new, fast growing and future-proof business that will become the backbone of stable, smart grids.

There are may sides to aggregator business, form building a complete digital platform (backend) for running the operation, to developing solutions for end-customers (smart devices, BEMS …), investing into energy trading operations and providing grid-regulating flexibility not only through distributed sources located by the customers, but also building own infrastructure (solar powerplants and big battery storage systems) that will be able to provide a stable base for aggregator and flexibility operations.

As aggregation and grid balancing (flexibility) demand will only grow in the future (due to higher and higher share of les stable, renewable sources of electricity such as solar and wind powerplants), thus making this an extremely interesting investment opportunity – combining business possibilities with helping the world to transition to clean energy without huge cost spikes – a truly ESG based business.

At esgnovo, we recognize the importance of ESG principles. That's why we prioritize eco-friendly practices, including recycling and responsible waste management, in our operations.

By partnering with us, you can be confident that you are working with a partner with sustainable business practices – and we demand same from our partners!

So how does it work?

The concept is simple. It starts with a single prosumer building (building with devices that consume and devices that produce energy), in which BEMS controls them so their energy input/output from the grid is as small as possible. That means low load for the grid and low cost for consumer. Aggregator platform then connects (digitally) all the customer BEMS, creating on single big virtual prosumer.

When prices of electricity are high, aggregators backend system instruct BEMSes to lower the consumption (for example using energy from fixed battery instead from grid, od lowering power to charge the electric car) – thus reducing costs and providing aggregator with possibility to buy electricity when prices are lower. In these periods, BEMS increases consumption (if needed, for example to charge the EV faster, or completely charge home battery, or turn heat pump at higher power to accumulate some thermal energy, heat the pool …).

Also, at the request of grid operator (who detects grid instability caused by to much consumption or too much production), aggregator can “command” its cluster of BEMS to reduce/increase consumption on the aggregator level, and BEMSes then do it at building level. Aggregator constantly measures consumption/production, compares it to grid operator requests and makes correction. All seamlessly, all invisible to end customer – except at the end of the month, when the energy invoice is smaller than it would be without the system.


What is also needed for seamless connection of aggregation and flexibility services into gred and trading? A software platform, managing aggregation & flexibility, with connection to TSO, DSO and trading system, and end-customer sales/CRM modules (or connectivity). We have the knowledge in energy and SW development - so we need to use both and produce top, world NO1 platform.​