What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file downloaded by the site you are viewing onto your computer or other device used for browsing (phone, tablet). They are very useful for the user, as they contain information that helps improve the performance of the site. Cookies do not collect your personal information and do not allow any identification of the site user.

How do cookies function?

At your first visit of a web site, cookies are downloaded onto your computer. They make your use of the site more pleasant, more efficient and more customised to you. Cookies store information on your language and location settings, on the contents of your basket, they display advertisements customised according to your interests … Cookies also provide site administrators with information on the number of visitors to their site, the most popular content, the functionalities used most frequently … and on the basis of such information, enhance the site and the user’s experience.

Types of cookies

Temporary or session cookies (session cookies) are not stored but deleted each time you close the browser.

Persistent or stored cookies (persistent cookies) remain stored even after you close the browser. They serve to store information on registration, site language settings, information to be used for traffic analyses … They may remain on your computer for several days, months or even years.

First-party cookies (1st party cookies) originate from the web site viewed by the user; they may be either temporary or persistent. The site uses such cookies to store information for subsequent reuse at the time of the user’s next visit to the site.
Third-party cookies (3rd party cookies) originate from other, partner web sites (e.g. to display advertisements on the original web page or to measure traffic). Third-party web sites may collect information on their visitors from different web sites and use it for various purposes, e.g. advertising, analyses or product advancement.

Disabling cookies in the web browser

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozzila Firefox



Disabling cookies from other sources

Adobe Flash Player

Google Analytics